Thursday, January 28, 2016

U.S.A., Land of Limitations? - Nicholas Kristof

U.S.A., Land of Limitations?
Nicholas Kristof

January 28, 2016

Nicholas Kristof argues that in 2015 people have become "the socially rigid society our forebears fled, replicating the barriers and class gaps that drove them away."

Nicholas Kristof talks about the fact that people who live in a low income family will grow up in the same low income.  There are only a few cases in which people who come from a low income family will strive to be in a higher income.  People are only in an upper class because of the wealth that their family is currently in.  I believe that people are only "as good" as they strive to be.  If you were raised in a home of drugs and alcohol with no reinforcement, you might as well grow up to be like that.  There are only a few of people who go in the completely different direction and want to have a life of success and achievement.

Nicholas Kristof talks about an old friend, Rick Goff, who practically raised himself.  He was the very few people who grew up poorly, without finishing high school and used his work success to help other people.  People who are rich, are rich, they don't want to help other people in need they want to help themselves with making their societal rating go up.  The people who have less amounts of money find happiness in themselves and their family, they want to help the people in need.

Children in need are the ones in a home of no help, a child in poverty.  As Kristof states, "Now, that's what the presidential candidates should be discussing."  Children who are living in poverty are not experiencing the opportunities that they should be.  Our society is growing up in the ways that "our ancestors" lived in.  Today's people are highly determined by the way that our beginnings starts; without them, we'd be nowhere. 

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Even though this article was published last year, the concept is still there.  The fact that the stats are so high on low income families and poverty are crazy.  Why is it that our future is based on our past?  Why is it that children still do not have the opportunities that they should have?  Why are people so ego-driven that they can't focus on the real matter: the children in need.

My Life

My Life

Let me start off my saying I have three jobs.  I am an assistant manager at Market Basket in Oxford and I am so a Special Education substitute at Douglas Elementary School.  On my spare time I am so a babysitter for a child with autism.  The top left picture is considered a normal day at Oxford Market Basket- it is always hectic.  The right picture is a picture of my desk.  I love working with my 2 cases, working in this flex center has been a complete eye opener. 

This is my sister, Cassie.  Cassie and I are 7 years apart, but we are as close as we have ever been.  In May, Cassie and I are going to Mexico together by ourselves!  I cannot wait!

This is my boyfriend, Duane.  He and I have been best friends for 8 years.  He is the person that pushes me everyday to strive for the best and to not give up. I value this relationship with him with everything I have. Without him in my life, I would be a complete stress case and someone who has mental breakdowns every 2 minutes. 

Coming to Rhode Island College I knew absolutely no body.  These three girls have become my life long college best friends.  Don't people say "you meet your forever friends in college" - well let me tell you; I definitely have! These girls are everything to me.  We have been together through our first experience at college, to our first college test, and our first everything.  I value these friendships from the bottom of my heart. 

This is Lauren.  She has been my best friend for 7 years.  She has been a huge part of my life because she has been there with my family was going through difficulties, when I was going through depression, and when I had nowhere else to turn.  She is my best friend, and she always will be my best friend no matter what life brings us.