Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Life

My Life

Let me start off my saying I have three jobs.  I am an assistant manager at Market Basket in Oxford and I am so a Special Education substitute at Douglas Elementary School.  On my spare time I am so a babysitter for a child with autism.  The top left picture is considered a normal day at Oxford Market Basket- it is always hectic.  The right picture is a picture of my desk.  I love working with my 2 cases, working in this flex center has been a complete eye opener. 

This is my sister, Cassie.  Cassie and I are 7 years apart, but we are as close as we have ever been.  In May, Cassie and I are going to Mexico together by ourselves!  I cannot wait!

This is my boyfriend, Duane.  He and I have been best friends for 8 years.  He is the person that pushes me everyday to strive for the best and to not give up. I value this relationship with him with everything I have. Without him in my life, I would be a complete stress case and someone who has mental breakdowns every 2 minutes. 

Coming to Rhode Island College I knew absolutely no body.  These three girls have become my life long college best friends.  Don't people say "you meet your forever friends in college" - well let me tell you; I definitely have! These girls are everything to me.  We have been together through our first experience at college, to our first college test, and our first everything.  I value these friendships from the bottom of my heart. 

This is Lauren.  She has been my best friend for 7 years.  She has been a huge part of my life because she has been there with my family was going through difficulties, when I was going through depression, and when I had nowhere else to turn.  She is my best friend, and she always will be my best friend no matter what life brings us. 

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