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Sex Positivity, Feminism and Health Implications

Sex Positivity, Feminism and Health Implications 
Deirdre O'Donnell

I attended the lecture about Sex Positivity, Feminism and Health Implications by Deirdre O'Donnell on March 24, 2016.  The lecture took place in Donovan Dining Center at 12:30 to 1:50.  The main issues that were talked about during this lecture were:  Libertarianism vs. interventionist politics, intersection, feminism and the economic and political equality of the sexes.  

I was worried going into this lecture because for me personally I don't like talking about this kind of topic, but it was actually interesting and I was involved in what O'Donnell was saying.  If it wasn't for this class I wouldn't have even attended this lecture.  I didn't know what to expect when I walked into this lecture but I had Nicole, Grace, Amy, Kate and Jordyn that came along with me.  I defiantly felt awkward, but I also laughed and enjoyed what she had to say even though half the topics were things I didn't think she was going to talk about.

Some of the topics that were discussed were:  
-   Women's rights
-   The U.S has the most expensive health care in the world with the worst outcomes.
-   Pro-Life= Anti-Abortion
-   Sigmund Freud was the first person to talk about sexual repression 
-   Pro-Choice= Women's Choice
-   Woman make $0.75 to the male $1.00 and it is even less if the woman is not white.
-   The word "sex" is not easily define, it could mean multiple things such as intercourse, gender, oral, anal, and vaginal sex

Some topics that stuck out to me were:  less an 1% of rapists see time in jail; condoms, tampons/feminine products are not tested by the Food and Drug Administration because they are legally considered "cosmetic" products.  Tampons and feminine products have bleach and sugars that shouldn't be allowed in our bodies.  One big thing that stood out to me was that abortion is not legal is every state, but in some states they are requiring an ultrasound for the mother to go to before officially deciding to terminate the fetus.  

Deirdre did a great job with this lecture and I definitely enjoyed it because I learned so much!  As Nicole states in her blog, "Deirdre discussed what 'Sex Positivity' really is, she explained that it is 'Consensual (enthusiastic, verbal or gesture, absent of drug/alcohol, safe and sane, of age and of ability to consent), judgement free, intention of inclusitivity, (LGBTGAP+) and issues of women's health like porn, rape/assault, consent, sex work/sex trafficking, sex toys, safe sex, menstruation, masturbation, anatomy and many others." 

This lecture relates very well with SCWAAMP by Grinner, August, and Delpit.  It relates to to SCWAAMP because of the "ideal norms" that everybody believes is right for women.  And for the money issues, white women make more than women of color whereas all men make more money than women (WHITENESS & MALENESS).  This lecture also relates to August because it talked about LGBTQ and what it means and how sometimes it can effect women.  O'Donnell discussed with us what "sex" was and what its meaning was.  O'Donnell told us that every person thinks of "sex" as something different, there is no one answer for that word.  Some people think of it as gender, while others think of it as an act of intercourse where some people thought of intercourse as an act between a male and woman.  But okay now think, what if there was a woman and woman, or a male and a male that perform "sex"- that is not exchanged between a male and woman.  "Sex" is performed many different ways, and each way is okay.  This lecture also related to Delpit which talks about the "rules and codes of power" and how it relates to women.  Delpit formally relates to this lecture because society see's women as a respectful woman who obeys.  But, men take advantage of women by using them as sex objects or that man don't respect women.  

This lecture was something that I would prefer to many people, especially women activists.  But, I would also recommend this lecture, if given again, to any lady because it is very descriptive and helpful of things that relate to women; things that many women probably don't know.  It was defiantly an experience! A knowledgeable experience!  

O'Donnell's presentation.

                                                                        What society thinks about women's clothing. 

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  1. kamryn Im so sad I've missed this ! I love those moments where you kind of prejudge something (even subconsciously) and then are surprised that it is not at all what you thought it would be. There was a similar talk last yr on campus that I attended, but this lecture you attended sounds like it was very informative and entertaining as well. I had NO CLUE tampons were not tested, they go into our bodies !! I would've thought at the least that tampons were sterile and free of bleach etc this was amazing info thanks for sharing, I will have to tell all my lady friends now. I personally dont like using tampons because I felt they slowed the process now I just have another excuse to wear an uncomfortable pad lol